Sitting in AC Room for 8-9 Hours? You Are at Risk!


Given the harsh summers, it is convenient for us to spend our days as well as nights in AC rooms. But this convenience brings with it some ailments.

You must have experienced that respiratory infections like common cold have become even more common. Frequent headaches and itchy throat have become part of the life of people, especially of young urban professionals. The fresh air which the AC offices cannot provide helps to release various toxins from the body. Fresh air provides oxygen to the white blood cells which strengthen the immunity. Fresh air also helps to maintain healthy blood pressure and heart rate.

Research shows that an air conditioner causes cooling through the process of evaporation. An AC dries up the mucous membranes in the nose and mouth. The nasal passage and throat depend on moisture in the membranes for their functions. They attract and trap viruses, and bacteria and act as the body’s first defense against them.

This direct exposure to cold, dry air can ruin the skin, leaving it itchy, scaly and aged. Skin conditions like dermatitis and eczema are common among those who spend long hours in cool, dry recycled air. If the filters in the AC are not cleaned regularly, they can accumulate bacteria and that air being re-circulated makes us inhale viruses and other infectious pathogens.

To avoid these infections, try to use AC for a lesser duration at home. Prefer setting the AC temperature to 25 degrees. It will allow lesser temperature fluctuation and hence, prevent joint problems caused due to frequent temperature fluctuations. Keep a wide mouthed vessel filled with water at the corner of the room which will circulate the moisture in the air. Take quick strolls during lunch time to get some natural light and air. Splash your eyes with water and do not forget to stay hydrated.

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