SIX promises made during last budget still UNFULFILLED


Jammu, June 10: The mantra that the PDP-BJP government has propagated since the time it came to power twice since 2014 has been of good governance and uprooting of corruption. It is, however, a different issue altogether albeit a more important one that most of the announcements made in the last year’s budget by former CM Mufti Sayeed in the state legislature are still on papers filed away in almirahs.


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Mufti Saheb in his capacity as in-charge Minister for General Administration Department had announced in the Legislative Assembly that the government will strengthen anti-corruption measures and will add newer measures to reduce corruption in state departments.

Three deptts. that found mention were Revenue, Rural Developments and Police Departments which are largely accepted even by the legislators as the ‘most corrupt’ departments in the State.

32 steps were announced to fight the problem but nothing translated on ground in the last one year.

Corrective measures for pending official work

There was also an announcement that directions would be passed to all the departments to quicken up the process for pending Regular Departmental Actions and enquiries against the delinquent public servants. This was meant to correct these problems this forward looking measure has remained only in the official file.

Removal of Deadwood

The former CM from PDP had then announced that govt would draw a plan to keep close eye on the doubtful/corrupt officers and officials and if need be remove the deadwood

Lists were made but nothing has changed.

Fixed Tenure for officials at a posting

This is another area which the government has faced criticism with the worst situation in Police, Rural Development and Revenue Departments. The transfers have been frequent and are a clear measure of how the government has not been able to implement a transfer policy

Failure to implement  Centrally Sponsored Schemes and Programmes

There have been administrative checks to improve the irregularities in some departments but that is not being followed at large defeating the purpose. This is one of the main reasons that no or irregular inspections of progress under different Centrally sponsored schemes and programmes has only led to query after query from Union Ministries.

Transparency: Updating all govt information on Departmental Websites

This was an announcement much appreciated but taken with more than a grain of salt. The websites of govt  departments were to be updated regularly. Information under Right To Information Act was to be delivered under the standard duration. The reality is otherwise and it has been over a year already. Voluntary disclosure of information has not even begun for a great many departments.

What Mufti Saheb’s daughter has planned in this budget needs to be well backed to make sure that the questions by opposition do not tornado down everything