Six UNNEEDED expenses that blocked 7th Pay Commission in J&K


The Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Mehbooba Mufti recently made an official statement suggesting a delay in the implementation of Seventh Pay Commission. Her explanation for the same was the regularization of thousands of daily wagers in the state who have been working for years and decades and still do not have the security of a stable vocation.

The deferment has also been ‘substantiated’ by a ‘fact’ that the state is reeling under severe financial stress. The legislators can have double the monthly salary but not the government employees, because well employees are not rulers.

The Chief Minister, inadvertently, has created a fissure between the permanent employees and the need based workers. The permanent ones will have an issue with daily wagers getting regularized and the daily wagers will simply assume that their employment depends a lot on the permanent ones retiring.

The pain of impermanence and and hurt of not getting a hike will have two parties to answer to if the regularization does not work out to be.

Here are FIVE unneeded expenses, which if eradicated, will soothe the burden on the exchequer as well as on the government.

1 The highly debated and fast turning irrelevant, annual Darbar move which invites the ire of the people every six months for the load it puts on the state exchequer.

2 If the size of the cabinet is trimmed, it will take a massive load off the chest of the treasuries wherein fancy accommodations, travelling allowances, security expenses and other expenditure would reduce. In a quick reminder to the Chief Minister, the government was functioning fine in the governor’s rule with just two advisers.

3 At present date, only seven states in India have a Legislative Council. If the state government so pleases, it can abolish the council in J&K.

4 Frequent chopper rides by ministers and politicians can be reduced and only used during emergency like situations.

5 Readjust the salaries of the legislators. If the coffers are empty, the legislators should work first to fill them.

6. Readjust security cover, luxurious bungalows, flying squads, TA, medical expenses, of ministers, politicians etc.

These and ofcourse a slew of measures that the government already knows about but ‘cannot’ be published about can actually lighten the stress on the government. It would do nice for the CM to remember that only a content voter would vote them back into power, not an angry, disgruntled one.

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