Slip of a terrorist that can prove costly


NEW DELHI: For a while securities agencies were chasing Abu Dujam,The Lakshar-e-Tayiba chief in Kashmir.Securities agencies came closer to catch him and had cornered on Wednesday.He however managed to give securities agencies a slip and managed to escape.

According to Defence experts this escape of him is going to prove very costly for the forces, as forces consider him an expert in masterminding terror attacks.
Abu Dujamis well known for his brazen style of functioning. He is the mastermind behind Udhampur and Pampore attacks in which many personals of Indian Armed forces lost their lives.This is the second time that he has managed to give the slip.At the funeral of terrorist help at Pulwama in May 2016 May,Dujana was out there addressing people.
As, securities forces are optimistic that they will again catch him very soon, Meanwhile a bounty of  8 Lakh rupees is on Abu Dujam’s Head.
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