SMHS numbering instead of naming to prevent profiling of hospitalised stone-pelters


Srinagar, July 12: Many of the stone-pelting youth who were injured in the clashes are admitted in different hospitals and clinics across the valley. The hospital authorities at Shri Maharaja Hari Singh (SMHS) Hospital, however, have been following a practice out of norm. If you enter any ward of SMHS, the injured would only mention their assigned numbers and not names.

Authorities at SMHS, apprehensive of the blacklisting of the stone-pelting youth injured in the clashes, have been hiding the names and residence and instead are only numbering them.

“We have requested the doctors to hide our names and instead number us because the sleuths of Criminal Intelligence Department (CID) are continuously roaming here to profile us and put us on a security blacklist,” a patient in Ward No. 7 of the SMHS said as quoted in a national daily.

Another patient in warn number 8, admitted for pellet injuries, has his registered number as 26. The man revealed that the CID sleuths are on a lookout for details.

A doctor at SMHS clarified that there was no discrimination among patients who could be militants, civilians or cops. He, however, highlighted that doctors for several years have apprised the authorities of interference by security agencies in providing treatment to patients. The sleuths come and take details of some patients and add them to a security blacklist.

This practice according to the doctors at the hospital allegedly started from back in 2009 during the clashes that resulted from the alleged rape and murder of two women in south Kashmir’s Shopian district according to the doctor who did not want to be named.

According to a report in The Tribune, Additional Director General of Police, CID, SM Sahai said the department was profiling injured to provide them ex gratia. “We are preparing lists, which will be necessary for compensation later on,” Sahai said.

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