So if the residents of an area do not want a wine shop, why does the govt allow to open it?


The Greater Kailash area in Jammu has seen protests against a newly opened wine shop in the market area. The protesters are women & men who have been raising their concern in a peaceful manner. The reason – a wine shop was to be opened at NH1A in Kunjwani but due to protests by the people of that area it was relocated to Greater Kailash.

The recent government directive required all the wine shops on highways in J&K to be closed. This was done to prevent the accidents that happen due to drinking and driving on the highways.

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In such a situation, the shops would either close down completely or be shifted to commercial areas within the city and that is what happened with the newly opened shop at Greater Kailash.

There are numerous areas within Jammu where wine shops have mushroomed, in some areas within 50 metres of each other. Many places have seen protests by locals to close down the shops or atleast have them shifted. Most protests have seen no results and have died insignificant deaths.

Greater Kailash Wine Shop Protest

A resident of Greater Kailash, Bhavya Jain, a young boy of 16, approached U4UVoice with the problem. The wine shop has opened at the Aashirwad complex in GK. The women and children who block the road outside lane number 1 everyday have had customers of the wine shop passing harsh and abusive comments. The locals have alleged that on the eve of holi, a person even misbehaved physically with a lady of lane number 1.

The wine shop is causing the disruption of peace and harmony to the citizens living in nearby areas and that has had the locals protesting.

Greater Kailash Wine Shop Protest 2

There is no catch in the situation. A woman was physically abused and the fear that it can repeat has led the locals raise their voice to have the shop closed down. Even if it is a small population in Greater Kailash that is protesting against the shop, is not the discomfort of these people enough for the authorities to shift the shop from the location?

Is is only about the revenue that the government derives from the business of alcohol? Is the safety of its citizens not of any value?

There are hundreds of shops within Jammu. Nobody is asking the authorities to close those shops down.

Why not listen to their voices?

The inputs for this post were provided by Citizen Journalist Bhavya Jain from Greater Kailash, Jammu