Social media makes it easier for politicians, aam aadmi to connect in J&K



Social media is a social structure made by individuals where people can create or share information. This is one medium through, which people get most influenced by . Now a days, even in the state like Jammu and Kashmir in general and Jammu city in particular all most all the celebrities especially politicians are very much active in these social sites. Politicians of Jammu and Kashmir are not only active on social sites like facebook and twitter, but also keeping in touch with their followers and friends. None other than Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah is active on twitter and many times even he has given many important views and statement via twitter. Omar keep on updating his personal and official views on many current issues and many a times he also comments on the others tweets and he is one of the favourites of followers in twitter also keep people upgraded.On the other side many other politician are not far behind from their Chief Minister, his cabinet colleagues, junior minister and many legislators are also very much active on FB, and they keep on updating status, put their pictures and also interact with the people.Minister of PHE Sham Lal Sharma,Minister of housing Raman Bhalla and others are also very much active on FB, and they keep on updating the people about what they are up to. All the MLAs like Harshdev Singh, Balwant Singh Mankotia are also regular user of FB .Other than ministers and legislators of government, the oppostion leaders also not far behind the ruling leaders and are in touch with general public through social media, PDP president Mehbooba Mufti is also using FB and twitter. Even the newly inducted, Union MoS, Dr Jatinder Singh is also active on his facebook page and he keeps updating his meetings and decisions of ministry and union government. Followed by, BJP MP Jugal Kishore Sharma and many other state unit leaders, who also campaign for their party and tell about BJP ideology and policies on social media.When contacted, many of them think that social media is one of the easiest ways to come in connect with the common people and they find it very economical too. One can easily share information and people are easy to connect with to discuss various issues of our area and state. No doubt one can say that these social sites play important role facilitating communication among the politicians and the janta.


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Anooja Banotra