Soldier catches a woman falling from a building in China

In an example of unheard of bravery, a former soldier tried catching a woman falling from the eleventh floor of her building. The soldier had even caught the woman however, the impact wo so hard that the woman could not be saved even after the brave act. The soldier has received serious fracture injuries and is admitted in a hospital but the video caught in a CCTV camera has shot him to fame with praises coming from all over the world.

All of 23, Feng Ning did not think twice before attempting to save the woman who then fell directly on him. Ning broke his knees and was screaming in pain when a crowd gathered around him and took him to the hospital for treatment.


Video Courtesy – Net News

Feng Ning is disappointed that he could not save the woman and has no qualms about his injuries. When people saw the woman falling from the eleventh floor, everyone screamed for help but Feng Ning without a second thought tried saving the woman with his bare hands. This video has gone already gone viral on social media.

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