In Solidarity with Flood Victims

With Heartbroken Emotions & Grave Concern: Danish Rasool Mir

I Today Express My Grave Concern Over the
Unprecedented Loss of Precious Lives, Property and
Livelihoods caused by recent Floods in our State.

These Past Few Days, I Don’t think there is even a Single
Human Being Who isn’t Deeply Affected by What Has
Happened Due to these Floods.

These Past Few Days for Me, Myself: I Am Very Emotional
and Heartbroken about Whole Situation.

I Have to Get this Out of My Chest and Make Sure that
Everyone in the State should knows that “Jammu and
Kashmir” is Great State with Great People, Who Have
Always Supported Eachother Whenever We Went Down.
This is Our State & Those Who Have Suffered Are Our
Families , and We Should Unite together at this Tough Time and Do Everthing possible for the Flood Victims.

Although it’s Difficult today to See Beyond the Sorrow but
It’s Time for us to be a
Spiritual Home and Space of Care and Hospitality for those
Who Have No Place at this time.

We Should Meet the Victims, Lower Ourselves, Touch,
Welcome, Collect and
Lead Victims to Safe Place and Provide Financial
Assistance/ Donation / Food / Emotional Help/ Resources
to them.

Kindly Join Me for this Noble Cause and Be Hospitable to
the Homeless People.
The Govt of Jammu & Kashmir is doing its Job and We Have to do ours.

Let’s embrace Our Fellow Beingsin these Difficult Times
and Let the Values of Humanism Win Over the Dark Forces of Destruction.

Please Contribute in Whatever Way You Can. You Help Can Make A Huge Difference.

We Must Build Dykes of Courage to Hold Back the Flood of Fear.