Some Life Hacks to make it Easy!


1. Put Your Tinder Radius on One mile at the Airport
You would be surprised at how many attractive people are bored swiping at the airport and how fast romance can develop when people are afraid of missing their flight.
2. Be the last person to board the plane
In the lounge, just chill! Read a book, watch a movie, be on the phone, and let people queue up at the gate and slowly creep in. Never worry about following the row numbers that are being called. They are for the masses, not for you who is rigging the game.
Once only few people are in the queue at the gate and you are the last person in the lounge, casually walk and join the queue.
3. Take photos of your documents such as passport, credit card, ID, and so on and email it to yourself. If you lose these items then they are easily accessible.
4. If you use desktop more than smartphone, it is highly recommended to use chrome extension it will save you lot of money as a traveler.
5. Take the stairs when exiting international flights / immigration.
Most people take the escalators or elevators. Most staircases are empty. You can pick-up your hand luggage and quickly move past 100 people slowing trundling down the escalator. This is especially useful when landing in a country that requires passport control – getting ahead of a full planeload of people makes a huge difference to wait times.