Some Super Witty Responses of Mr. Vajpayee to Journalists! Have a Hearty Laugh!


With regards to answers and rebounds, ain’t no-one superior to Bhishma Pitamaha of Indian governmental issues, our cherished ex-PM, Late Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee. Here are not many of his great and savvy reactions:

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1. When a journalist got some information about the militant camps in POJK:
Journalist: “Padosi kehte hai ki ek haath se taali nahi bajti.” (Neighbour says you can’t applaud with one hand). (Suggesting that the two India and Pakistan ought to together take care of the issue of terrorist camps).

Mr. Vajpayee: “Humne kaha ki chutki toh baj sakti hai!” (I said at any rate you can snap your fingers).

2. Love, silliness and cleverness, inside one sentence.
Pakistan Minister: Kashmir ke bina Pakistan adhura hai. (Pakistan is fragmented without Kashmir)

Mr. Vajpayee: Pakistan ke bina Hindustan adhura hai. (India is inadequate without Pakistan).

3. Once Rajat Sharma, an eminent journo, talked with Mr. Vajpayee:
Rajat Sharma: “BJP main ek Vajpayee ka dal hai, or ek Advani ka dal.” (It has been composed on various occasions in papers that Bharatiya Janata Party has two groups. One indulgent group and one forceful group).

Mr. Vajpayee: “Main kisi dal-dal mein nahi hoon. Main auron ke dal-dal mein apna kamal khilaata hoon.” (No I’m in no bog. Rather, I support my Lotus in other’s marsh).

4. At whatever point, one reviews this comment of Atal ji, one generally has a laugh.
Mr. Paswan: “BJP bahut Ram ki baatein karti hai. Par unmein koi Ram nahi hai. Mera naam to Ram hi hai.”  (BJP jabbers about Ram however they don’t have any Ram. Even my name is Ram).

Mr. Vajpayee: “Paswan Ji, haram mein bhi ram hota hai!” (Paswan ji even Haram has Ram).

Atal Behari Vajpayee was a standout amongst the best government officials India at any point had. A diamond of an individual he was. Shrewd, savvy, clever, magnetic and a splendid speaker in the meantime. He propelled numerous when he was alive and his words keep on rousing many even after his passing