Some truths we Jammuites must not avoid


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Though the extent of poverty (10%) in J&K state is not high relative to other states, a telescopic view shows chunks of poor population across the state. The three districts, Jammu, Kupwara and Anantnag together account for one-third of the total poor in the state.

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Contrary to the claims of state government of making all round development in Jammu and Kashmir, every fifth citizen of our state falls under Below Poverty Line (BPL). Our state lags behind the national average in reducing poverty in the span of one decade. The Planning Commission has periodically estimated poverty lines and poverty ratios for each of the years for which Large Sample Surveys on Household Consumer Expenditure have been conducted by the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) of the Union Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation.

The poor are losing ground not only in income, but also in years of life, the most basic measure of well-being. In our society, the rich and the poor are kept from one another’s neighborhoods by force, intimidation, and taboo—from above and below.

These unfortunate souls are left to either do jobs that pay them incredibly low or they end up begging. Both ways they end up with limited amounts of necessities to support themselves.
An aged man is seen in the picture, cooking on the roadside. The immense heat of the day, that almost melts down a person as soon as we step out in the open, is barely a matter of concern for him. Feeding himself and his family probably, is the only thing that is his priority.
People in our state that fall below the poverty line, live in miserable conditions. Efforts from the Government are required in order to provide them with employment so that they can afford a roof above their heads and eat and sleep in peace.