Someone tell the Muftis people did not choose Congress or National Conference


By Citizen Journalist – Happy Lal

Just Kidding, maybe not entirely!

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So Mehbooba Mufti ji met the Governor today, eh? N.N. Vohra did well in inviting the front-runners with their proposals to form the government. A government that none of the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir care about. Jammuites want a Hindu CM and Kashmiris want a Muslim CM. What our Ladakhis want, well Ladakhis dont even care anymore!


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Has anyone thought what good a Hindu CM is going to bring about or similarly a Muslim CM? Are we all not looking for jobs and a better economy and peace and happiness? It does not necessarily have to be a Hindu or a Muslim chap who can deliver this. But let us forget the Hindu-Muslim rant, because that is not even the topic at hand. Sorry for going off on a different tangent. I am a politician in the making you see. I like to confuse.

Has anyone seen how Congress and National Conference combined have suddenly been playing the ‘sensibility’ card to the Muftis? First politicians were confusing only the people; now they are confusing other politicians too. I mean that seriously takes some skill and spirit.

The Congress was excluded from the race this time. Now its politicians are suggesting from their vision to not upset the vote-bank? Pretty high-handed don’t you think? Other shorties have been crying betrayal. Betrayal of what? What good will a government do to the state when the Treasury is as dry as bone? Oh, I think you probably do not know that our state is going through one of the worst financial periods. We got no money!!!

No one can question the par-excellence straighthead aptitude our CM probable Mufti Mohammed Sayeed has. But the subtly-religious rants politicians from Congress and other parties have been onto can pressurize anyone in the moment that matters, no? I, Happy Lal, hold the highest regards for you Sir. Not only because you are going to be our CM, but also because you can see above the Congress rave of trump cards.

The best way forward for the People’s Democratic Party would be to keep things simple and be democratic. To not delve into the complexities emotions give rise to.

In the race to gaining from the mandate, Congress lost almost entirely. National Conference lost seats. The Centre has the BJP which holds one thing in common with PDP – The Development of our glorious state. The youngsters who have not worked for over a decade will remember the PDP for providing them jobs. The PDP will ultimately be thanked for the betterment of the state and not for choosing one part of the state over another.

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