Something fishy with College Education Department; RTI reveals misuse of College funds

Jammu — In a report published by dainik sawera, it stated that the former Director of College Education Department N.D Wani had misused the college funds for the maintenance purpose of his Govt vehicle. The report stated that the Director Wani used his authority via Principal Commerce College Jammu Hanila Agarwal for the purpose.

According to the report, on 20 September 2009, the driver of the accused handovered a handwritten letter informing of the need to carry out maintenance work for the Ambassador car, bearing license plate number JK 02B 9000. By the rules, it’s the duty of the concerned authorities to look into the matter and release funds for the maintenance purpose. But instead of that, the fund was taken from the college fund, said the report.

The reports adds that the release of college funds for any purpose is determined by a committee comprising of 8 members. But over this matter, only 4 of the members vote was taken into account.

A cheque of amount Rs. 3839/-, bearing number 047781 was issued in name of Gupta traders while the rest amount Rs. 17,873 was issued in Self, Cheque number 047782.

The matter came to light after an RTI enquiry by Prof. SK Bhalla who said that such activity is totally illegal and unlawful. Stating his personal account as having served as the Principal of the institution before he said that he’s aware of such the underlying matter behind the case and should not have occurred. The case is under investigation by vigilance department.

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