Soon Pakistan will be declared a ‘terrorist state’

A petition on the official website of the White House to declare Pakistan a terrorist state has managed to reach its goal of 1,00,000 signatures in a week. Five times the number needed to get a response from the Obama Administration.

The petition which was created on Wednesday (September 21), just days after the terror attack on  army base in Uri, garnered close to 1,23,000 signatures by afternoon of Tuesday next.

The petition urges US administration to declare Pakistan as a state sponsor of terrorism because it is important to the people of United State of America, India and many other countries which are continuously affected by Pakistan sponsored terrorism. While the cut-off to reach goal of 100,000 signatures was four weeks, this petition reached the mark in a week, making it one of the most popular petitions on the website.

The White House website allows internet users to create petitions on a range of issues, and promises to provide an official update if 100,000 signatures are received in four weeks.

It would now be interesting to see what the official response would be on declaring Pakistan as a terrorist state – a move already initiated by two US lawmakers in the US Congress.

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