Speculation rife over last minute hitch in BJP-PDP deal, Govt in J&K might get delayed


There seems to be a last minute hitch in the BJP – PDP deal just one day after top leaders of the two parties joined hands to declare that the CMP was finalized, and only minor details were needed to be worked out. Highly placed sources however tell that there is strong unease in the BJP over the compromises which the party has made to form the coalition with PDP, and the party leaders are deeply worried over the likely impact of the party’s decision. Both BJP, and PDP have spent almost two months to iron out the differences and form the CMP which will be the guiding document for the government.

Sources reveal that while both sides had finalized the deal there is strong unease in the saffron party which has forced it to rethink on some crucial matters included in the CMP. The BJP has agreed to almost every demand of the PDP on issues like Article 370, AFSPA, trade, and talks with Pakistan, and several other matters.

The fallout of these differences between the two parties is that the scheduled meeting between the CM to be Mufti Sayeed, and PM Modi is likely to be postponed while efforts are being made to resolve the key differences. Although a broad agreement is believed to have been arrived at by both parties but there remain some irritants between the both sides, and these could include the distribution of portfolios. The BJP thinks that it has been too accommodating to the PDP which has shown little resolve to take into account the sentiments of the saffron party.