Spray process of Apple farms begin with tree oil


Citizen Journalist Report by Lone Saju

The apple farmers across valley have started spraying tree oil to their orchards. An apple orchard gets more than 9 sprays in a year which includes tree oil, insecticides, pesticides & fungicides and the process continues till apple picking begins.

The first spray begins with tree oil & usually starts around 15 March.
But it is for the first time in 2016 when the spray process began before schedule because of the unusual increase in maximum temperature.
The Horticulture Department has issued advisories & urged the Orchardists not to spray tree oil or other spray before schedule.
This year the winter season remained quite different from previous years as valley only witnessed a short spell of snow this winter, which led to increase in the temperature. The temperature has remained above 20 degrees C for the past 2 weeks which is almost 10 degrees higher than the normal temperature at this time of the year.
Locals say that the first spray had to be done almost 2 weeks before time because of high temperature. Many people are spraying tree oil to their apple orchards
because during the past winters the valley received very little snow which is quite dangerous for the apple business. The early budding of fruits is not a good sign.

Experts, however, maintain a different line of though. They say that there is no need to worry as warm temperatures may bring only early flowering stage in apple & other fruits. Also, warm weather will decrease the chances of scab & other fungal diseases.

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