Srinagar boy reported to have links with ISIS


Srinagar, November 24: The police in Kashmir have released a note which has revealed that a resident of Srinagar is now known to have an affiliation with the Islamic State militant group based in Syria and Iraq.

The boy named Adil Fayaz Waida who is a business administration graduate is suspected of links with the middle-eastern militant group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The boy is the resident of Jawahar Nagar in Srinagar and the police note has described him of having an “ardent extremist ideology”. However, the police has not revealed the source of the note.

According to police, Adil Fayaz Waida was also reported of having an affiliation with ISIS in August last year. Also, Waida’s family had denied any such and police too had no evidence to suggest any youth had gone to join the ISIS.

“We are in touch with our son through Skype, an Internet-based messenger and video calling application and he is working fine,” said Waida’s Parents as quoted in a national newspaper.


The police note titled “Kashmiri youth affiliated with ISIS” has provided detailed biography of Adil Fayaz (28). It discusses his primary education from Srinagar, graduation in business administration from a local college and his post graduation in Australia’s Queensland University. Waida is the first-known Kashmiri suspected of having ties with the ISIS.

The note reads further that the boy after completing his post graduation from Australia came back to Srinagar last year. But then he got a job offer from an NGO working for the rehabilitation of refugees, with its offices in Australia, Turkey and Malaysia. Initially, he went to Malaysia, from where he is said to have been dispatched to Turkey where he is involved in rehabilitation work of displaced people of Syria.

The police note says that Waida is in touch with his family only through internet facility and is not using mobile number. The police note also discussed Waida’s family background, including his father’s sympathies for “separatist ideology”.

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