Srinagar Gets its First Doppler Radar System for Weather Updates



Srinagar: After the massive devastation caused by floods September last year in Jammu and Kashmir, a hi-tech weather forecasting Doppler radar has been set up at the Srinagar meteorology office. The radar has been set up after the Supreme Court’s directions.

The high-tech Doppler radar is likely to get operational by next month and is apt for short range weather forecasting said by Srinagar based Metrological Department Director Sonam Lotus. “It has area coverage of 100 km in which it will precisely be able to judge the amount and type of precipitation. Once the radar becomes operational, the met department will be able to forecast accurate weather up to a maximum of six hours” Sonam Lotus added.

The reason behind setting up of the radar is that Kashmir is vulnerable to natural calamities like floods, cloudbursts, landslides etc. Had there been a Doppler radar set up in Jammu and Kashmir, the state government might have been well prepared for the floods that claimed over 200 lives in the state last year, and caused immense damage to wealth and property.


Even after five months of the disaster, the state is yet to fully recover from this calamity. The state government has submitted a flood loss estimate of Rs 44, 000 crore to the New Delhi.