Srinagar Traffic cops on toes for no-nonsense traffic behaviour

The instructions given by CM Mufti have got the Srinagar Traffic Police on feet from a couple of days. From the past two weeks the traffic cops and police personnel are being seen in and around various parts of the city hunting for disorderly parked vehicles. The officials blatantly tow away the vehicles then and there only, which has actually resulted in a comparatively smoother run of vehicular traffic in the region lately.

Srinagar Traffic Police Srinagar Traffic Police Srinagar Traffic Police

However, in one of these incidents, a wrongly parked vehicle was also towed away two days back. In the attempt, the brand new car’s bumper was also mistakenly broken by the cops. The car, resultantly, crashed down becoming a major centre of attraction on the Residency Road in the City Centre. The cops were booed for their ruthless handling of the ‘wrong’ vehicle in the course of wildly following the instructions given by the SP Traffic Srinagar.

The Traffic Police has though, woken up from the deep slumber and has come into aggressive action in order to control the menace. The valley had been witnessing long tiring traffic jams on all the major routes of the region lately but after Mufti’s stern instructions, the cops have finally started working towards the betterment of traffic.


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