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Srinagar Traffic Police intensifies Checking

SRINAGAR: The City Traffic police has intensified the checking of a two wheelers from today in order to catch the miscreants disobeying traffic rules.

Earlier in June, Traffic Police had launches an intensive campaign for traffic management and road safety, wherein the Traffic Police Department had asked the people to strictly follow the traffic rules or face dire consequences. Traffic Police had also tied up with Petrol Pump owners to deny petrol to the rule-breakers.

Seeking public cooperation in traffic management, the Traffic Police has again issued an advisory for the people.

As per the advisory the people have been asked not to drive without seat belts, always use crash helmet while riding two wheeler, desist from using mobile phone while driving, halt before ‘stop lines’ ahead of traffic lights, don’t try to overtake from the left on the traffic signal lights, avoid over-speeding, driving without valid driving license, driving under influence of liquor/intoxication and developing judicious and responsible parking habit.