SRO 202: Don’t trust this ‘Fake’ Whatsapp Forward, Take a look at the actual order by JK Govt.


A picture of a document which was circulated widely on Social media claiming revocation of SRO 202 took the youth of J&K by storm. Many started cheering and celebrating upon seeing the document alas, they only knew half the truth.

As per that document, SRO 202, which has become a serious roadblock for the career/academic growth youth of Jammu and Kashmir was going  to be scrapped of by March 1 this year.

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As per Sources and investigation by UUVoice team, it was found that the document is fake.

Here’s a link for reference: http//

The actual order 178 GAD or 2018 issued by GAD contains Tentative Seniority list of members of J&K Secreterait (Gazzated) Service-11 (Private Secretaries Cadre) and it does not say anything pertaining to SRO 202. Here is the copy of actual document. Take a Look