SSP Kathua raids restaurant with boys and girls sitting together

Jammu, November 09: SSP Kathua, a lady officer, raided a restaurant in the district and has reportedly invited criticism upon herself and her team. Her switch over to moral policing has reportedly resulted in embarrassment in the process.

As per media reports, Senior Superintendent of Police, deputed in Kathua made a surprise raid on a restaurant allegedly without proper input. During the raid, She picked all the young couples who were sitting in the main hall of the restaurant and took them to the police station for further investigation. In the round up, the woman police officer found out that all the couples were in genuine relations, with a few couples even engaged to each other.

The people present at the venue have reported that this action against the females was uncalled for where in these females were found sitting in the restaurant either with male acquaintances or relatives. These sources also reported that the lady cop raided the restaurant in an unwarranted manner since any restaurant is a public place where sitting with anyone amounted to no offence. The female SSP, however, still went on to detain the people present in an act that amounts to morality preaching to the young couples.

Locals have not taken the event well and the raid has apparently become a reason for the locals to hit back at the Kathua police after it was ascertained that not even a single candidate was involved in any illegal activity.

Image Courtesy – Policy Samvad

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  • June 21, 2017 at 12:43 pm

    Good work by Honb’le SSP.


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