St. Mary’s Infant Pre School gives passionate paean to teachers


The campus of St. Mary’s Infant Pre School was abuzz with celebrations galore and peals of laughter resonated in the air as the teachers of the school gathered to witness a day dedicated to accord a warm felicitation to them. Festivities multiplied manifold when mothers of the students also pitched in the plethora of events to give special plaudits to the teachers for their altruistic service.

The campus was filled with visually excited faces as the school management, students and mothers came together to sing paeans of praise to the teachers and paid reverence to the noble profession of teaching. School management spearheaded the efforts to evince messages of gratitude and respect for the teachers.

Infants used the occasion as a wonderful opportunity to show their appreciation for their teachers by putting up a colourful and riveting cultural programme. Tiny tots were filled with high spirits as they took to the stage to recite poems and sing songs in the honour of their beloved mentors. Students’ love towards their teachers was also seen in their specially crafted handmade cards.

Even the teachers grooved to the beats of popular numbers on the demand of the young and bubbly audience. The preceptors also presented short comic sketches on the humorous side of a typical school routine and the teachers-pupils relations. These scenes caused quite a few laughs and received well-deserved ovations. Dance, music, mimicry and skit made the day thoroughly explicable. The moments of joy burgeoned when few of the mothers donned the hats of teachers and acted as pseudo teachers for the day.


The Chair person of the school, Mrs. Anna Mary expressed her deepest gratitude towards the staff members for their unmatched dedication towards the students and presented teachers with cash awards. The Principal, Mrs. Sheetal Anthony thanked and praised the pseudo teachers while presenting them with tokens of appreciation. The citations were followed by a fine range of delicacies to suit different palates.

As the event drew to a close, one couldn’t help but notice teachers smiling in contentment. Every student oozed with an indescribable warmth and love which filled each heart with soothing impressions. The indelible celebration ended on a sweet note amidst immense beatitude.

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