Stalled for almost two decades Jammu International Convention centre is living example of discrimination

Jammu Kashmir | In another indicator of growing marginalization of Jammu Prime Minister Narendra Modi has decided to skip the winter capitalIt was expected that discrimination with Jammu which has been age old would end once the BJP comes to power as it was the main plank of the party before the election. Due to the discriminatory policies of the state government many projects in Jammu have been caught in a bind and even after decades these are in limbo.

Jammu International Conventional Centre is one such prestigious project which was launched almost two decades back when NC government rules in the state. Since the last two decades little development has been made in this project which has been kept in limbo by successive state governments because they did not want quality infrastructure to come up in Jammu. The delay has been due to shortage of funds, manpower, and most important intentions of the authorities who have spared no stone unturned to build similar convention centre in Srinagar called SKICC in record time but have failed in Jammu.

An international level convention centre would have helped the people of Jammu to host world class conferences, events, and host art and business events which add to the social life in the city. It could also give a boost to corporate, and private sector tourism in Jammu which is a hub till now of religious tourism as thousands of people from across the country visit the city of temples on their way to holy shrine of shri Vaishno Mata ji.

There are strong reasons to believe that ministers and politicians from previous governments in Kashmir who hailed from Kashmir deliberately ensured that there should be no progress on the project. Another issue is that this project has been marred by corruption, and the authorities are now planning to scrap the existing plans, and tenders, and call for new ones which is nothing but absurd. While at the same time the department is claiming that 80 per cent of the work has been completed, and within few months the project would be completed.

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