“State, Central and Pandiths are Stake Holders for Their Rehabilitation”: Khanna

Srinagar: Only state government, central government and Kashmiri pandits are stake holders and they will continue the consultation on the rehabilitation. J&K govt is ready to rehabilitate them, Centre has already created a special fund, not the modalities are to be set when and how Kashmiri pandits will come back.

Avinash attacked MLA Engineer Rashid for issuing a statement asking Kashmiri pandits to apologise for migrating. He said why should  pandits apologise, they have done no wrong.

Membership will continue in Kashmir to achieve the target of 4 times the votes polled for BJP. Will start training the new members and also ask all out leaders to start mass contact programme to bridge the gap between BJP and People of Kashmir said J&K BJP incharge Avinash Rai Khanna.