State education deptt. must start makeshift schools for border school children

school lacking teIncessant firing on the border has had a catastrophic impact on the education of thousands of students as large number of border schools in Poonch sector have been lying closed for the last 20 days. The schools have been closed because of heavy shelling in which several people have been killed including a teacher thus hampering education badly.

As a result of the closed schools, the students have started to suffer as they have no option but to miss the schools. In such circumstances the district administration will have to find a way to provide space to these hapless kids away from the border to provide education to the students. Either makeshift schools in tents or in government building should be set up to ensure that the students do not suffer due to the border violence.

More important for the education department is to help the class 10th and 12th class students who have crucial board exams in the coming session. Locals also said that if the government does not take early action then the future of these students could be at stake. It may be recalled that makeshift schools were set up when Pakistani shelling had disturbed life in the area in the past.

It is to be noted that more violence is being expected from Pakistan in Jammu sector, and security forces have started making arrangements for an effective reply. It is important in this context that education department should make pre-emptive arrangements to ensure that makeshift schools are made, and in case of violence on the border, the students don’t suffer. This is particularly important for those who are going to take board exams as their future is tied with the performance in these crucial years. The government of Jammu and Kashmir should also take notice of this issue, and make suitable arrangements for ensuring that schools function despite border firing, and violations which are not going to stop in the near future.

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