State Government vote banking on the name of Islamic State : Bajrang Dal

Pictures by Sandeep

A protest was held against Rajya Sarkar today under the lead of Bajrangdal President, Rakesh Sharma. The members protested against the State Government, because of certain favourism towards ISIS portrayed by some citizens who raised ISIS flags today in the valley. The members were raged over the lack of response from the State Government  who is vote banking on the name of Islamic State. “Bajrangdal associates are against this prejudice and will never accept these terms and those who are in Nation’s interest will favour us”,  Rakesh Sharma told. “This is a warning against the State Government that immediate  actions should be taken against the ones who are favoring such incidents. Bajrangdal will protest against it and if  the matter is neglected the consequences will be extreme for the State Government.” he further added.

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