State Govt to recognise Aadhaar numbers as Proof of Identity as well as Proof of Address

Jammu: The State Government has decided to officially recognize the AADHAAR numbers being given to the residents as valid Proof of Identity POI as well as Proof of Address POA for availing various services

A GAD Circular No: 08-GAD of 2016, Dated: 29 .01.2016 was issued and according to the Circular, “The Government of India has established the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) for issuing AADHAAR numbers to all citizens, on demand, with the capability to authenticate the identity of AADHAAR card holder anywhere in the country. The Information Technology Department, in coordination with the Registrar General of Indialcensus Department, is functioning as the Nodal Department to carry out enrolment of the citizens for giving unique identity – AADHAAR numbers to them. The enrolment is presently going on through out the State.

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