State’s flood control department nowhere in sight :Magotra



BJP State Spokesperson Dr. Suresh Ajay Magotra said that the stat unit of the party welcomes and is thankful to the war foot imitative taken by centre under the able leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, for flood effective victims of the state. We must also appreciate role of army as about 1 lakh army personnel are involved in rescue mission in Jammu & Kashmir. BJP is also thankful to the various states for their concern and help for the flood victims. Our sympathy is with the victims. Whole heartedly in every situation BJP workers are all over the state are working day and night and arranging food, water, tents, blankets and basic amenities for the people.

As we know about 6 lakh people are waiting for rescue centre is assisting at every point to rescue but state ministry of flood control headed by Sham Lal Sharma created zero flood defence solutions measures so far, as flood porn areas are encroached which gives such situation in the state, zero work done on dam building along the river Tawi and river Chenab which leads to the loss of thousands of canals of agriculture land along the river side. Zero vision and preparation and role of the ministry to deal with such situation is observed, people are facing huge loss due to vision less approach of the department as no one from the ministry is approached yet to the aggrieved people on the name of flood control only ministry is existing with no ability to deal with the situation created. Our flood control have only negligible numbers of boats even no teams qualified to deal with the situation is existing.

State’s Ministry under Sham Lal Sharma has 0% accountability to satisfy the safety of the peoples living in flood porn areas. If ever thing is done by the army and people at its own then what is the fun of creating ministry of flood control which is just a joke on the name of responsibility. In Jammu region from Poonch to Kishtwar people’s needs assistance and govt. machinery is sleeping even no one is reaching over to listen them. People are starving and crying for tents.

During 90s Chenab river had same situation even more worse than this but for many years what measures we had taken to deal? Roads are broken and water flows on roads which leads to the loss of state property due to illegal encroachments of water paths under the shelter of system. Dams are created only on the banks for six months utility and new one created why don’t some creative measures had taken in this regard. Ministry is responsible up to huge percentage for the loss as we just not make our responsibility over just throwing everything on nature. We are not working and creating measures to deal with such situation. People around the state are facing hardship due to non seriousness of the ministry people lost everything even they are starving for water, no measures yet had taken to approach the victims. Centre is playing the lead role in this tragedy we must appreciate this. State govt. failure is open to the society. Inefficiency and concern of the ministry of flood control came into existence after this, as people was sleeping on such fake preparation which are just a open book now.

BJP appreciate the role of citizens of this sate who come forward to save peoples but no one from the govt. yet reached to the villages which are facing hardship after this in whole Jammu region. Thousands of homes collapsed due to flood, no drinking water facility, no electricity. What is the role of govt. just to create and enjoying the portfolio which is very unfortunate? Poonch, Rajouri, Jammu, Doda, Kishtwar, Ramban, Reasi, Samba, Kathua, Banihal are worstly affected waiting for help from government. More than one thousand villages are badly affected due to floods in interiors.

Whole country is behind us to help us but we must analyze our faults and responsibilities, on what basis we roar to save people to provide them secure life in such situations.

Dr. Suresh Ajay Magotra appealed to the lower level administration to reach to the public to provide them help given by the centre. Magotra also welcomed the announcement of the prime minister for free ration to the flood victims. Govt. must start action to curb the diseases which will arise after wards.

He expressed hope that everything will come applauding Army, Air Force, Naval Force and NDRF.

The state’s irrigation and flood control department and its minister need to come out with spashtikaran and fix responsibility for the lapses on part of the department and the ministry.

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