Statue attributed to martyr Capt. Tushar Mahajan unvieled


Jammu, April 20: A statue of martyr Captain Tushar Mahajan, a brave heart son of Udhampur, who was martyred in an anti-terrorist operation in Kashmir was unveiled at the ‘T’ Morh Junction of Udhampur on 20 April 2017, the date being his birthday.

Tushar, an intrepid army Special Forces Officer who was also an exceptional diver was commissioned into a Special Forces battalion in 2010. The officer made the supreme sacrifice while leading a team engaged in elimination of three terrorists who had taken refuge in the EDI building at Pampore near Srinagar, on 21 February 2016. Leading his team, Captain Tushar, displaying raw courage, stormed the building to flush out the terrorists.
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Despite grievously wounded in the firefight, he, with utter disregard to his personal safety, charged at the terrorists and eliminated them at close quarters. The officer exhibited indomitable courage conspicuous gallantry while leading his men from the front in the highest traditions of Indian Army before making the supreme sacrifice for the motherland. The grateful Nation bestowed the Shauya Chakra on the brave heart which was received by his father from the honorable Rashtrapati Shri Pranab Mukherjee on 20 March 2017.
Let The statue is a befitting tribute to the hero of Udhampur due to his heroics and sacrifice displaying unmatched leadership and courage which future generations would strive to emulate. Col NN Joshi


You might have heard many brave stories of the soldiers of Indian Army but Captain Tushar was incredibly brave since he did not hesitate to sacrifice his life for his country during Pampore gunbattle.

Tushar’s family was dreaming about the wedding of their sons but the bad news of Tushar’s demise came all of a sudden and the whole family was thrown into mourning. Martyr’s father Devraj Gupta told the local daily that their elder son is working as an engineer in America. The family had plans for wedding of either their elder or younger son in a month or two. Since their elder son wanted some time to get settled so the family had already started searching girls for Tushar.Captain Tushar’s family were busy with the preparations for the wedding but with his death destroyed all the plans.

Tushar’s mother, Asha Devi have already lost her three brothers in different accidents. She lost her younger brother when he was just 24 years old. He died in road accident while he was on his way to attend Tushar’s elder brother’s Mundan ceremony in 1986. Due to all these shocks, she has already been struggling with life but now Tushar’s death have affected her badly. This inconsolable loss have traumatized her severely.

Monday morning when Tushar’s dead body reached  at Army’s Northern Command station near Vikram Park, Udhampur at around 10:30 a.m.Many soldiers and other people had already gathered at Vikram Park for a final farewell to the martyr. Many officials and administrative officers paid tribute to Captain Tushar. The officers included DIG Udhampur Range Surendra Gupta, D.C. Udhampur Shahid Iqbal Choudhary,  SSP Udhampur Sulemaan Choudhary and then other army officials offered tribute to captain Tushar Mahajan. In the end Lieutenant General Northern Command , D.S. Hooda paid tribute to the martyr.

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Tushar used to talk to his family and friends over the phone but he never disclosed or mentioned any of his missions. As per his father, Tushar used to call twice in  a week and ask about his family members, friends and relatives as he was a friendly natured guy. Even though his father sometimes tried to get some information about the missions but he never revealed any and after that they never used to discuss over such topics.

It is a sad fact that Tushar’s elder brother could not make it to the last rites of the martyr.

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Tushar’s family says that he always had passion to join Indian Army and thus nobody succeeded in stopping him to achieve his dream. Tushar’s father wanted him to become an IAS officer and he told that Tushar was a true patriot since his childhood so he always had a wish to join forces. Since Tushar was an intelligent kid so whenever his family members try to convince him to choose another career option, he would always had the same answer for them, “I Love my country so I will join Indian Army.”