Statues of brave Dogra martyrs suffer silently in neglect, authorities look the other way



Jammu is often referred to as ‘Land of Dogra’ warriors but when it comes to according due respect to the martyrdom of real heroes who had sacrificed their lives in the service of mother nation the authorities sitting in the cool confines of their plush offices and the general masses just make mockery and end up hurting the sentiments of patriotic people.

Several statues of brave soldiers have been erected in and around Jammu and several roads, children parks have been named as a mark of respect in the memory of these brave hearts.

But when it comes to taking care of these symbols and maintain them to inspire younger generations we fail to live up to the expectations of their loved ones.

Take for example the case of posh green belt road near police lines.

After Major Ajay Singh Jasrotia attained martyrdom on June 15, 1999 in Kargil the road outside his parental house was renamed and Jammu Municipal Corporation had also installed a sign board. At present it is difficult to figure out the name of the martyr on the sign board as posters and other material has been pasted and painted on the sign board.

Every year to celebrate the victory of Indian army Vijay Diwas celebrations are organized in Kargil and martyred soldiers are remembered.

The families of these soldiers also travel to the highest battlefield in the world and remember their loved ones while paying solemn tributes.

In Jammu, sadly the people have forgotten these heroes and are , sadnot doing enough to restore their pride. The lazy JMC authorities do not take any action against the violators for showing disrespect to the martyrs and simply ignore the crime.

No effort has been made to apply fresh paint on the sign boards and maintain them.

A road outside the office of Inspector General of Police, Jammu near Radio station, was dedicated in the name of NC Vij, former army chief but the sign board is often pasted with posters of educational institutions and tuition centres announcing the schedule of classes.

Same is the plight of statues of war heroes and winners of Param Vir Chakras standing tall across Jammu.

Often buntings are tied round the statues during public awareness campaigns by advertisers with scant regard to the supreme sacrifices these real heroes have made to ensure we lead peaceful lives.

The concerned authorities in Jammu Municipal Corporation carry out anti encroachment drives but seldom pay attention to maintain these sign boards erected in the name of martyrs. It is high time we pay real tribute to these martyrs and stop making mockery of their sacrifices.

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