Stay away from narcotic substances: LeT asks youth

Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) chief Mehmood Shah today alleged that “the Indian agencies were promoting narcotic culture in Kashmir to destroy the life of young Kashmiri generation.”

“The narcotic trade is flourishing in Kashmir under the very patronage of government. This makes it quite evident that Mehbooba Mufti led government is pursuing anti-Kashmiri policy,” the LeT spokesman Dr Abdullah Gaznavi, in a statement today, quoted Mehmood Shah as having said.

“Use of narcotics works as a cancer in a society and that is why Islam has prohibited its use, declaring it one of the major sins. We are quite against the use of narcotic substances and we will in no way ever support its use. Those who are indulging in this trade should be caught and punished.

“People in Kashmir will never allow Ajit Doval’s plan to succeed in any way. They identify their friends and enemies,” Mehmood Shah said, appealing to the Ulema and Muftis of Islam “to educate people, launch a sustained campaign against the use of drugs and other narcotic substances, and even announce Fatwa (religious edict) against those using drugs or indulging in the narcotic trade.”

Mehmood Shah cautioned the youth against the use of drugs and other narcotic substance. “India wants to sabotage the ongoing freedom movement by promoting drug culture among the youth of Kashmir. Parents of youth should keep vigil on their children to ensure that they are not entrapped in such evil practices,” he added.


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