Staying home on election day means voting for NC: Karra

Senior Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leader and former finance minister, Tariq Hameed Karra Friday said staying home on election day means voting for the National Conference, which has time-and-again backstabbed the people of Kashmir and have nothing to show by way of performance, therefore they are exclusively counting on boycott to continue to stay in power.

He said though the separatists have every right to call for boycott of elections but they equally have to think whether it helps the cause of ordinary people or not. Addressing various public meetings at Kunjar, Malpora and Bunderkund in Ganderbal district Karra said the people of Kashmir, who have suffered immensely over the last many decades because of the NC leadership, too deserve a system which shall take care of them. All that requires that we shall look at the ground realities and understand the pain of people who want to get rid of the NC to pave way for a broader discourse about governance and politics to emerge from here, he added.

Karra said the PDP, which has its own idea, agenda about the welfare of people and resolution of Kashmir issue, believes that in democracy everyone has right to have his opinion because that not only brings about vibrancy in the process but makes politics inclusive unlike the NC which has always been averse to any form of opposition to develop from here. “We are not against any individual or idea but we want to pursue the cause of our people by our way so that there is end to this uncertainty which has only got disaster in the lives of common masses,” said Karra.