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Still 48 Hours to Go but People are Already Standing in queues

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The day when Reliance JIo was launched, on the next day  India was standing in queues in front the Jio retailers. Similarly the day when demonetization was announced by the prime Minister Modi, on the very next day the whole of India was queued in front of the ATMs.

Many people  have realized that there are just 48 hour  left  for the release of “Bahubali 2” and they are eager to find the answer of the most debatable question of  year “katappa ne bahubali kyu mara”.

For this people have already started to line up in front of the movie theaters.

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In such a incident Hyderabad witnessed a 3Km queue for the movie ticket of Bhaubali 2. People are eager, desperate to watch this movie on the 1st day. so, the speculation is this the price of the movie might go up. There is going to be battle for tickets there is no doubt about that and this movie is expected to break all previous records of the Box office.
While movie tickets in the city cost no more than Rs 250 at best, industry insiders hinted at tickets for this mega film going for Rs 600 or more. “In fact black marketeers are charging anywhere between Rs 1,000 and Rs 4,000 per ticket. That’s how insane the demand is,” said a source.

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