To stop ceasefire violations India must engage with Pakistan at political level

The repeated cease fire violations are a matter of concern for not only the people of Jammu and Kashmir who are being killed but also the government in the centre which has been elected, and given a massive mandate under PM Modi to end the Indian policy of being soft on terror, and transgressions by our neighbours like Pakistan, Bangladesh, and others who have tried to take India for a ride.
It is good that Home Minister Rajnath Singh has warned Pakistan for shelling the Indian borders but it seems that this has not made any impression with the our neighbour, who is bent upon vitiating the peaceful atmosphere. The BSF DG has expressed surprise over the timing, and intensity of the firing from across the border in Jammu region, and there have been violations in Kashmir as well. While the reasons for Pak incursions may not be clear but it is high time the Government of India takes account of the fact that five Indian citizens have been killed, and scores injured. This can not be allowed to continue indefinitely, and either the Indian security forces need to be told to retaliate with double firepower or simply tell people to vacate the dangerous areas. If the Indian leadership thinks that it cant afford any escalation with Pakistan as it could lead to war, then the need is to create a IMG-20141004-WA0022safe havens for the border residents, and relocate their villges to safe areas. No doubt this is a self-defeating strategy as it will make the enemy to become more confident, and also bring to a point where he wont think twice before shelling even Jammu city. But then this is the only way to ensure that innocent Indian citizens living close to border do not get killed by unrestrained border firing from Pakistan while our side looks to raise the white flag. Better to play the peace pipe with the neighbouring country with our people safe, and away from their firing.

It is also to berspura5 noted that residents of border and hilly areas along the international border, and LoC suffered the maximum during the recent floods, and now they have to escape the wrath of cross-border firing. The sharp escalation, and deep penetration into the Indian side clearly tells that Pakistan is bent upon creating big trouble which could be a precursor to infiltration which happens every year. The sudden derailment of talks after India opposed the Pakistan High Commissioner talking to Hurriyat might also be a reason that Pakistani side wants to send a strong message that in case India takes a moral high stand, it would badger the Indians living on this side of the border. Last year, the beheading of an Indian soldier had led to a public outcry forcing the Congress government to declare that business could not be usual. If the number of people being killed on Jammu border increases, and the level of damage is high then this issue could assume serious political undertones as the BJP under Modi had repeatedly attacked the Congress for being soft on Pakistan. The border firing could be a bait for the Modi government thrown by the Pakistan army, and political establishment to test it’s resolve to fight terror, and Pak machinations. Right now there is no doubt a vacuum in the engagement between the two countries, and in such a situation it is possible that things could go from bad to worse. It is important that both the countries should revive talks, and India should take a firm step forward because we can not wish away Pakistan as a neighbour if want peace on our borders.

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