Stop Drinking Chilled Water Immediately!


It has become our daily ritual that after coming back from somewhere, we run to the refrigerator and quench our thirst by drinking chilled water. With the rising mercury levels, it rather feels necessary. But do you have an idea about how chilled water impacts health?

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According to Ayurveda, drinking chilled water with a meal or otherwise, is deemed to be an unhealthy habit. It is advised that prefer to drink water with normal temperature. Various reasons have been attributed to such advice.

Experts claim that chilled water solidifies fats after a meal which makes it difficult to break. This also halts the absorption of the nutrients during digestion. When you drink chilled water, bodily energy is used in regulating body temperature. This energy could have been used in the process of digestion.

Drinking cold water also increases the chance of getting a sore throat and filled nose as it builds excessive mucus. It also makes it tough for the body to breakdown unwanted fats. Studies have shown that cold water may decrease heart rate. It is also suggested that chilled water should be avoided after a workout as a sudden change in the temperature may impact the digestive tract adversely.

But this does not mean that you should reduce your water consumption. You can replace chilled water with water at room temperature or lukewarm water. It may feel difficult to drink it in summers but once you start drinking it, you will get used to it for good.