Stop political vendetta against VDCs; they have done great work in fighting terrorism


Once again a section of political establishment has started it’s vendetta against Village Defence Committees (VDCs) which have done yeomen service in the checking the intrusions, and depredations of the terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir. The vested interests wants these VDCs to be disbanded immediately, and this demand is particularly coming from opposition National Conference which wants to avenge the killing one of it’s workers in Rajouri.

However, the politicians instead of citing a single instance of crime by a VDC member should look into the immense contributions they have made. In fact the only alive Pakistani terrorists Naved was caught neither by the army nor state police but unarmed members of the village defence committee that helped greatly in putting the blame on Pakistan. Even members of the police, and paramilitary sometimes committee crime but that doesnt meant that entire police force is criminal and should be disbanded. Even politicians have committed great mistakes but that does not mean that the political parties should be banned.

NC leaders, and workers are using the stray incident to politicise the issue, and carry out a campaign against VDCs which have been fighting terrorists in Doda, Poonch, Rajouri and other areas with distinction. A security official said that VDC members were in the front fighting along side the security forces which helped in eliminating the terrorists in large numbers, and their sacrifices should not be forgotten. Another official said that lot of money, and resources have been spent to train VDCs who have done great work, and the politicians should refrain from branding the entire force as bad.

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