Strengthening of rural areas as important as the rest of the J&K



By Citizen Journalist Amaya

In many uphill areas around Jammu, a number of footbridges have been washed away in the recent continuous rains. The erosion apart from forcing them to find alternative routes with extra miles, endangers their lives. In the regions including Sheinkly, Bhramdar, Kota, Balsone and Malan , manu such footbridges have either been washed away or damaged due to floods. In September, during floods, many such regions were cut off due to this damage and now again due to the recent rains in the region, over eight crucial wooden bridges have been washed away forcing the villagers to wade through the river. The locals have many a time approached the officials but so far nothing has been done to reconstruct these bridges to get the lives of people back on the track.

The villagers have also been complaining that sometimes the river current is too severe to even cross it. “Our kids can’t even reach their schools, sometimes,” told one resident. “The situation becomes terrible in monsoons and we have been struggling from quite a few years. In September, it even became worse,” added another. Some villagers complained that they even lost their livestock due to this. The new government should also pay attention to these villages of the state and should strengthen the  infrastructure of the rural areas too.



Image Courtesy: Online Media


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