Students at NIT Srinagar thanking Anupam Kher

Part-2 of a three part series

In an exclusive video, a student, who is using the same jacket as the one in part 1 of in the series thanks Anupam Kher and Ashok Pandit. Scroll down for Full text of the speech.


“We wholeheartedly thank Anupam Kher Ji and Ashok Pandit Ji, who have come to Srinagar to support our cause at NIT Srinagar. But unfortunately they have been stopped at the Srinagar Airport. They have come to ask about the condition of the students who were injured in the lathicharge by the police and to ask about the truth of what is really happening at NIT Srinagar. They do not belong to any political party. They have come to only find out the truth which has not been allowed to be covered by the media and tell it to everyone. We request the Government to allow them to meet the students (at NIT Srinagar) once.”

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