Students protest again against scheduled exams



Srinagar, Oct 31 : In a unique way to protest against the government decision of holding exams, Jammu and Kashmir Students Welfare Association (JKSWA) at Lal Chowk started cleaning the vehicles moving in the area to express that ‘the future of Kashmiri students is bleak’.
The students besides holding placards displaying ‘we want justice’ were carrying a piece of cloth in hands assembled outside the women’s college at M A road Srinagar and were seen stopping and cleaning the vehicles on roads.
According to a student, “We are cleaning the vehicles to show that the future of Kashmiri students seems to be bleak.”
Talking to , with the ongoing uprising in Kashmir, they suffered academic loss and are not able to appear in exams. “Despite failing to attend classes, the government is forcing us to appear in exams. How is it possible for us to appear in exams,” they said.
They said that the concession in exams is tantamount to leaving students uneducated. “We must be given time to complete our syllabus so that we can prepare for exams without risking our future,” they said.
They said they have been appealing concerned officials to defer their exams, but to no avail.
“The government decision of holding exams can ruin the future of thousands of students as we have not been able to complete our syllabus so far. We must be given chance to complete our syllabus and to prepare for exams,” the students said.
The students demanded deferment of exams till March next year. “In case the government won’t reconsider their decision of holding exams, we will be forced to boycott the exams,” they said.
Meanwhile, expressed grief over the mysterious incidents of burning school buildings, the protesting student said that the involved persons should be identified and dealt with strictly.
“The persons involved in burning down the schools are enemies of students. We appeal all the students across valley to keep close vigil in their respective areas and protect the schools situated in their areas from burning,” they said.