Stylising Politics: 10 Most Fashionable Politicians of Jammu and Kashmir


Fashion is power; a power to connect in the simplest ways. And a well-dressed man/woman has the power to influence and make the wheels turn. When it comes to Indian politics and fashion, one can’t help but notice how our present crop of politicians have the ability to carry off everything, from swoon-worthy aviators, designer sarees and peep-toe heels to well-fitted, crisp and ironed shirts, Bengal Taant, Chanderis and Maheshwari salwaar kameezes. We bring to you our list of India’s top 10 fashionably dressed politicians who have left us in awe with their couture styles and bespoke choices.

Omar Abdullah

Known For: Sharp, well-tailored suits when travelling abroad; crisp, well-fitted kurta pyjamas back home while addressing rallies.
With his expensive taste in designer wear, dark-shades from reputed brands and accessories from the best, Omar Abdullah’s sense of dressing can be described as ‘profound and dignified’.

Farooq Abdullah

Nirmal Singh


Kavinder Gupta

Sober coats and the quintessential white kurta, crisp blocked kurtas with a Nehru coat, ironed to finesse formal shirts, sleek ties and at times a ‘Rose’ as an accessory on his waistcoat.
This happy-go-lucky politician raises the benchmark when it comes to elegance and style for many politicians in Jammu andKashmir.

Lal Singh

Ethnic wear, trademark leather boots, black/checkered Nehru coat, dark sunglasses and folded pocket squares.
The ‘Rockstar of Indian politics, as he is known, Lal Singh is in a class of his own—dapper and totally swoon-worthy.

Priya Sethi

She can be seen donning a Trademark cotton saree with minimal makeup.
Whether it’s haute couture or prêt-a-porter, Priya Sethi carries it all with ease. Her sense of fashion is unique, tailored and chic, inhabited and crisp.

Chander Prakash Ganga

Dressed in Khadi kurtas and pyjamas, saffron kurtas and turbans, safari suits and, at times, a Nehru coat, this man’s persona is all pervasive.

Mehbooba Mufti

Ethnic salwar suits, plazzoz and flowy couture means CM Mehbooba Mufti
J&K CM Mehbooba’s sense of style is one of a kind. She aptly dresses for the occasion and sure knows how to be immaculately dressed and classy. She’s hardly ever seen without a pair of dark sunglasses, not that she minds the public glare.

Haseeb Drabu

Power dressing at its best, the J&K FM’s pick of outfits speaks volumes. Power and style are two pillars of the FM’s personality, often witnessed as he walks inside the heated Assembly Session with Budget in his hand.

Devender Singh Rana

Nehru jackets and kurta pyjamas with Kolhapuri sandals.
The NC veteran has a dapper style of dressing and is usually seen wearing Indianwear. Formal occasions have him dressed in a crisp three-piece dinner suit, printed or striped ties and a pair of black formal boots.


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