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  • March 15, 2017 at 11:34 am

    I want to write some article on social basis. could u tell me procedure.

  • March 15, 2017 at 5:03 pm

    In the aftermath of this prolific victory of BJP party in almost all the prominent legislatures of country plus their already available robust majority in Lok sabha ,The first and foremost thing they need to do is to utilize this opportunity to their best advantage by fulfilling all their Election promises, especially their GRAND NOBLE VISION OF MAKING INDIA GREAT, AGAIN.

    In the biggest democracy of ours with 1.3 billion people and at the same time, so many Political Fronts,
    They wont be getting such kinds of Clean Sweeping Majorities everytime and forever, unless they reciprocate the faith of voter (who at present seems to be completely engulfed in PM MODI’S Sheen as a “MAN OF CHANGE- MAN OF GROWTH” (since 2014 Lok Sabha elections)

    This victory has given them a smooth road ahead for sure for some time.
    Earlier they might have been facing some technical impediments in bringing desired legislations, by not having an impregnable strength in Rajya Sabha, regarding which this whole exhilaration of multiple states elections was all about.

    Given the present world order, the whole world and people within country are looking at them with huge developmental expectancy.
    Such are the stakes for them right now.
    And they will continue to soar.
    Now, expectations from them will be much higher than ever, given the fact that they are now handsomely poised in the most Legislative instituitions of this Democratic setup, Something that is a pre-requisite for bringing pathbreaking Developmental policies and Programmes.. which previous Governments and Coalitions could seldom acheive due to obvious, multiple political constraints

    The other political fronts have lost their credibility , which has been cashed upon by them very diligently over a considerable span of time and Primarily by MODI FACTOR which has earned them rich dividends and still going tall.

    They tasted success after a long hiatus, first at the Centre and now in most of the states, after they changed their narrow Populist Stances and steered them towards Developmental Prospects.
    They have talked about Development only.

    They will have to respond with concrete and evident Growth , failing which there could again come , an era of Political Confusions and Fragile-Coalitions.
    Now is show time for them.. more than ever.
    Let us hope for the Best in favour of INDIA and its over a Billion population (with, half a billion, Destitute population)


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