Young and dynamic Sugam Langer never knew that her love for tennis, and zest for life could take her to great heights in an adapted land far away from her home in Jammu and Kashmir, India. Sugam moved to United States along with her family, when was six then. Even at the young age she had realized that her future would be in tennis, a game that she loved playing. However, being from a middle class Indian family which had gone to the United States seeking a better future, it was very clear that it would be difficult for her family to send her to specialized tennis programmes being offered by top coaches, and erstwhile greats. It was during her search for a tennis scholarchip that she came across a free tennis programme called 15-Love which in fact changed her life forever.
Langer was accepted in this programme, and she also gave her everything to learn the nuances of the game which she loved so much. Apart from learning the finer points of tennis, Sugam says that her self-confidence was boosted, and she also acquired a steely resolve to succeed in life while playing tennis the hard way. The 15-Love Excellence Programme also improved her tennis skills considerably throughout the High School. Langer played Division 1 tennis at Siena College, and also served as the captain of the tennis team in her senior years. Impressed by her game she was also awarded the the coveted position as the Siena College representative of the 2006 NCAA Division Leadership Conference.
Sugam finally graduated from Syracuse University College of Law with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and went on to serve Harris Beach PLLC as an associate practicing in Public Finance and Economic Development as well as the Business and Commercial Litigation Practice Groups. While entering the profession has not dimmed her love for tennis, and she is using her years of skill as a tennis player to further the cause of the game. She has since served on the Capital Youth Tennis Foundation Board of Directors for the 15-LOVE program. Langer says that 15-Love programme changer her life, gave her skills on and off the field, and also ensured that she could succeed in life by becoming a lawyer. She is today a successful attorney who works as a Senior Consultant focusing on Anti-Money Laundering, Investigations and Advisory.
Sugam is also the pride of her Jammu born parents B.B Langer and Seema Langer, and they were especially very happy when she was invited as a a Special Guest Speaker to share her experiences in the 2014 Opening Night Gala of the USTA foundation.


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