Suing institutes for Bad teaching is possible

The educational system in our state is worse not only in the government institutes but also in the private institutions even after paying hefty tuition fees. Parents pay a large chunk of their hard earned money to these private tuition centres and they expect them to train their wards to perform well in their exams. But the reality is way beyond what we see on those coloured pamphlets. These institutes promise to provide quality education to the students but they have become nothing but money minting machines for the owners who are corrupting the whole concept of education. We can say that they are nowhere less than the hackers who dupe people of their money.

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One such incident was recently noticed wherein an educational institute,Triumphant Institute of Management Education Pvt. Ltd( T.I.M.E) was fined Rs 36,000 for deficiency of services as they did not conduct the classes required to complete the course. The complainant Siddhant Chhabria filed a complaint against the institute in the Consumer Court due the careless attitude of the staff and management members for running the classes for MH-CET and N-MAT examinations. He paid around Rs 12,500 for the weekend batch from July 2010 and only 18-20 lectures were completed by the end of September 2010 which frustrated him and even after seeking reasons for the irregularities, he was not given satisfactory explanations which further pushed him to file a complaint against them and demanding compensation for the loss of one academic year and mental suffering. Later the court took a decision and decided that the complainant deserves a refund of Rs 11,000 and Rs 20,000 as compensation for mental tension and Rs 5,000 towards cost of the complaint.

The Jammu and Kashmir High Court must also take care of such complaints and issue some directions to these private institutes for performing their duties properly else they will be heavily fined for the same. Besides that, students must be made aware of the whole process of filing complaints so that they can easily approach the Consumer Court if they find any irregularity in the functioning of the whole system. And if courts in other states can fine these coaching institutes for bad teaching, why our court should not pick up this practice. They must ensure that our money do not go waste due to the inefficiency of the institute for arranging the required staff and related facilities.

Make sure the fraudsters will not go unpunished.

Be aware and do your share!


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