Summary note of what is being discussed in the All Party Meeting


New Delhi, September 7: Union Home Minister, Rajnath Singh is holding an all party meeting at present to deliberate on the amalgamation of the inputs received by the All Party Delegation during their recent Jammu and Kashmir visit.

This meeting is being held after the Home Minister met with the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi in presence of Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and BJP National Secretary, Ram Madhav.

Here is the summary of what all is being discussed in the meeting at present. Decisions on these points would be taken after due deliberations.

  • Release Prisoners, Stop Harassment of Youth
  • Government of J&K has failed to deal with the situation
  • Unrest is more in Rural South Kashmir
  • Misleading statements by Jammu and Kashmir Leaders
  • Control people on the streets before they create Law and Order Problem
  • Curfew Should be lifted, schools should be reopened
  • Movement of Civilians should be hassle free
  • Fix accountability of Excessive use of force
  • Relief package for those killed in civil unrest
  • Daily Hartal calendar issued by Pakistan under the name of Separatists
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