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Sunday was the hottest day in Jammu this season

Jammu and Kashmir News

Sunday was marked as the hottest day of the season so far with temperature reaching 40.9°C during the day making it absolutely impossible to walk on the roads. The temperature in the valley too has crossed the normal mercury limits by almost 5 to 6 degrees. Even the holy city of Mata Vaishano Devi Shrine, Katra, has heat building up and temperature touched 38°C making the yatra for pilgrims a real agony. The coolest belt of our state, Gulmarg and Pahalgam were also not spared by the scorching rays of the sun.

As per the Weather Forecast Department, rain is expected by the 3rd and 4th of May, but it would only be an aid for the Valley with Jammu still boiling up. Kargil, however remains the coldest with minimum temperature close to 1.7°C.

The Director of the Weather Department in Srinagar, Sonam Lotus, indicated that the next few days could be a sign of relief for the people of the valley.

The streets of Jammu on Sunday hardly had any traffic because of the unbearable heat wave and the sweltering rays of the Sun.

The rivers and canals dried up owing to the harrowing and almost life-threatening warmth during the daytime. The roads have melted, as a result, the traffic keeps leaving their impression. With the water sources desiccated, the animals have nowhere to go to. It’s almost as if someone is sucking the moisture out of any and every thing.

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