SUNNY LEONE slaps co-star Rajniesh Duggall almost six times

Mumbai: In spite of so many slaps for one shot of “BEIIMAAN LOVE”, Director Rajeev   Chaudhari was not happy with any of the takes. He kept insisting that Sunny   Leone should slap Rajniesh harder with full force. Sunny, who was listening   intently, finally got into the right mood for that shot and slapped Rajniesh   Duggal with all the strength and aggression that was required for the scene.
The shot came out perfect, with immense applause from everyone on the sets, however in this process she ended up hurting Rajniesh’s nose badly, for which   she felt extremely guilty and apologized profusely! Rajniesh took it sportingly in   his stride for the spirit of that natural shot and moved on. But Sunny was still   feeling bad for hitting him so hard. Rajniesh soothed her down and comforted   her with his sporty charm and suave-gentlemanly gesture and pretended that   nothing happened to him.  Being written, produced & directed by RAJEEV CHAUDHARI, the film is almost   complete and is being planned for release in summer 2016.
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