Surjit Singh is DEAD. Blame it on the government.



Billiard marker Surjit Singh has left the J&K State Sports Council in shock after his tragic death due to electrocution in his quarters at MA Stadium.

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However the J&K State Sports Council Employees Union has claimed that the concerned authorities were many a time approached regarding the immediate need of renovation of quarters but the government didn’t care enough. The consequences of the negligent attitude of government are evident, Surjit Singh has died tragically.

It was revealed that repeated reminders didn’t move the Sports Council and no action was taken in regard to the attention, the quarters were in dire need of. President of the J&K State Sports Council Employees Union said that the quarters of “move” employees were renovated every six months but nothing such was being done in case of “non-move” employees. In one of the letters sent to the authorities by the union, it was mentioned that eight quarters of employees on the stadium premises require immediate renovation. Surjit Singh’s quarter was one among them and had any action been taken, he would not have met with such a tragic fate. Ever since the quarters were built, no renovation had taken place which is evident of the fact that the Sports Council is ignorant about the maintenance and renovation of quarters of its employees, so much so, that it is because of them that Surjit Singh has died.

The flash floods had further wreaked havoc, damaging the quarters of the employees which were completely submerged in water during the devastating floods. The quarters had turned into water pools, ruining the already damaged structures.