surprise drive launched by the Jammu Municipal Corporation


On 12th and 13th of February 2014 a surprise drive was launched by the Jammu Municipal Corporation. The drive was started from Janipur,Muthi, Talab Tiloo, Anand Nagar, Prem Nagar, Patta Paloura etc by MVO JMC.

During the said surprise drive  a various Meat shop were checked and on spot some meat was found hanging outside their shops   and some of the meat shopkeeper has kept  the  meat in their shop which was un-stamp  and on spot compound fine of Rs.  2200/-was  realized from the  Meat sellers and  strict  warning was  issued to these   meat shopkeeper  owner to remain vigilant  and sub-standard meat will not be allowed to be sold at any cost.


During the visit MVO, on behalf of the Commissioner, JMC has said that no stone will be kept unturned for providing good quality of meat to the common peoples of the Jammu and in this regard no concession will be given to the  concerned shopkeeper for providing of  spoiled unfit  meat.

During the said drive the MVO has inaugurated Emu meat shop at CPO Chowk and before inaugurating the Emu meat was thoroughly checked and found fit for human consumption in terms of low cholesterol, Low Fat contents as per the recommendation of American Heart association. The Emu meat is good for heart as well as for sugar patients.